About the project

Danube Institute

for development networks to promote foreign investments and positive regional identity and image 

Project partners


  • Association of the Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM), Belene, Bulgaria  – Lead Partner
  • Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch (FDCL), Romania  – Partner 2


All the districts/counties from the Romania Bulgaria eligible area


Location of the Danube Institute

Romania, Calarasi County, Gradistea – Rasa Village

Implementation period /
Project value

  1.  Implementation period: 18 month
  2.  Total value: 960,379.20 EUR
  • 814,593.64 EUR – ERDF, representing 84.82%
  • 124,849.30 EUR – State Budgets Cofinancing, representing 13%
  • 20,936.26 EURPartners own contribution, representing 2.18%

Target groups

  • Local public administrations
  • Business communities
  • Universities and research institutes
  • NGOs


General Objective

 General networking to develop and promote foreign investments and local communities’ business initiatives with the support of local authorities in cross-border area Bulgaria-Romania  


Specific Objectives

1. Strategic planning capacity and team up cross-border expertise and for getting the best solutions to promote the local business initiatives and foreign investments

2. Generate thematic networks as joint information bases for collecting, identifying and promoting business opportunities

 3. Promote positive regional identity and image by Danube Institute ITC platform


Main activities of the project

  1. Assessing the level of promoting the measures to attract foreign investments into the local administration development strategies in cross-border area
  2. Drawing up the study: What is the place/role of the foreign investments in the local strategies for development in the cross-border area?
  3. Drawing up the study: The potential for promoting foreign investments in different economic sectors in cross-border area?
  4. Drawing up the data base with foreign investments in the administrative units along the Danube
  5. Drawing up the data base with the institutional local and national relevant actors in attracting foreign investments
  6. Developing technical instruments for promoting foreign investments in the cross-border area
  7. Drawing up the guide for promoting foreign investments in cross-border administrative units
  8. Elaboration of a guide on how to present local cross-border potential for foreign investors
  9. Promoting foreign investments at local level in cross-border by using expert-advisors
  10. Training of relevant actors from local level
  11. Organizing thematic networks as joint information bases for collecting, identifying and promoting business opportunities
  12. Setting up a database with local business opportunities
  13. Setting up the group of European supporters of the thematic networks
  14. Organizing European events for promoting the cross-border opportunities and attract foreign investments
  15. Promoting the regional identity of the cross-border area in order to attract the foreign investors
  16. Organizing a competition of photos with moments from cross-border area


Implementation team

 Maria Kondrova, ADRM

Dragos Seuleanu, FDCL-Cl


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